To mark 50 years since the founding of IDI we are delighted to launch JOY, a celebration of great Irish design. After two tough years, let’s bring on the JOY.

In 1972, a group of impassioned designers led by architect Raymond McGrath got together to conceive of a space where designers could support each other and encourage development of the fledgling design profession. The Society of Designers in Ireland (SDI) was born. 50 years on, navigating economic highs and lows, that profession is valued at €6bn and the IDI has continued to support designers and their businesses every step of the way.

Now, post-pandemic, let’s celebrate this vibrant, influential, creative industry we are so fortunate to be part of. We are delighted to bring you 3 events – Design Leaders’ Conference with our Education arm Design Skillnet; IDI Awards 2022 and celebration event; and ReJOYce – an exhibition of 50 years of Irish Design.

IDI Awards 2022

ENTER the Irish design awards, showcase your work with the best of the best.

Design Leaders Conference 2022

MEET at the Design Leaders Conference led by Design Skillnet

ReJOYce graphic
ReJOYce Design Exhibition Nov 16 - Dec 02

VISIT ReJOYce, an exhibition celebrating 50 years of design for 50 years of IDI

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Institute of Designers Ireland

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